HUMANSVILLE, Mo. – Flora Farms is one of only a handful of marijuana cultivation facilities in southwest Missouri.

“Flora Farms actually just celebrated its two-year anniversary about two weeks ago,” President Mark Hendren said.

The cultivation facility and dispensary sits right off of Highway 13 just outside of Humansville.

“We have three cultivation licenses that are all combined into one here in Humansville plus the dispensary,” Hendren said. “We have a dispensary in Springfield, one in Neosho, and we have a manufacturing facility in Springfield as well.”

Since its inception two years ago, Hendren said business ebbs and flows.

“Initially, there was way too much excess demand and supply,” Hendren said. “Now we’ve kind of overreacted in the other direction. So prices have come down. That’s been good for the patients and we probably don’t expect that to increase a whole lot.”

Currently, Flora Farms has three licenses, which is the maximum number a facility can have. If Missouri Amendment Three passes, Flora Farms would need to look at getting another license.

“If we pass the amendment on November 8, then sometime in the next 30 or 45 days, the state will give the opportunity to all licensees to apply for a consolidated license, which then will allow them to sell both products, both to medical and to adult use patients,” Hendren said.

There is also an advantage for facilities like Flora Farms which are already licensed.

“If [Amendment Three] passes, existing dispensaries under the Department of Health and Senior Services would be eligible for medical and recreational licenses and before new ones were approved,” Drury University Professor of Political Science Dan Ponder said.

Flora Farms said it has product in almost 90 percent of dispensaries in the state.

“After we grow it and test it, package it, then we can distribute with licensed transporters,” Hendren said. “Of our capacity right now, we’re using probably about half to two-thirds in anticipation of adult-use and also trying to measure supply and demand in the state.”

Flora Farms is in the process of adding another building on its property in Humansville in addition to the two cultivation buildings it already has.

“From a business standpoint, we hope [if Amendment Three passes] it doubles or maybe even triples our business,” Hendren said. “The only point of reference we have is what’s happened in other states of similar size. And that’s been kind of the track record between two and two and a half times business growth, just because of the new customers that you’re going to have.”

If Amendment Three passes, there would also be a six percent sales tax added to recreational marijuana purchases.