SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- A “yes” or a “no” on question one could be the deciding factor of what you see across Sequiota Park. Now in less than a week, it will all boil down to the voters of Springfield. 

Whether people vote yes or no will decide if Elevation Enterprise, LLC will be allowed to build an apartment complex with offices and retail space across from Sequiota Park.

The Galloway Neighborhood Association is strongly against the rezoning. Saying they do not want apartments across the street from the park. 

A statement FOX 49 received from Melanie Bach, the president of the neighborhood association says, “The Galloway Village Neighborhood Association will continue working hard in our mission to preserve, connect and protect our unique corner of Springfield.”  

While the developer Mitch Jenkins says he is afraid that if this does not pass it could hurt Springfield overall.  

“People are really beginning to understand the precedent this sets in our community and kind of the broader ripple effect of what could potentially happen if we start putting rezoning’s to a public vote.” said Jenkins “We have received a tremendous amount of positive support from people who are going to Springfield United or going to vote yes on question one Facebook page and really educating themselves” 

Right now, tensions are high on both ends of this 4-year-long rezoning issue. 

With sign vandalism, disagreement on the size of development builds, and even arguments on what will be done to the property.  

Each side is ready to see how the people will vote on the 8th.  

“We are thankful that on election day, Springfield citizens will finally have the opportunity to have their voices heard,” said Bach. 

“We have done everything that we possibly could over the last couple of months to help tell the truth and help educate the citizens of Springfield,” said Jenkins.