SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Candidates are in their final stretch of appealing to voters before election day.

In the race for Missouri House District 132, Republican Stephanos Freeman is challenging Democrat incumbent Crystal Quade.

Ozarksfirst sat down with both candidates a week before the election. Both shared some of their backgrounds.

“I’m the first in my family to graduate high school, went on to Missouri State University and I have my background in social work,” said Quade.

“I worked a lot in the factories,” said Freeman. I worked at Springfield Public Schools for about five years [as a] substitute. I also worked in a detox center working with people that were coming off of heroin and meth.”

The candidates went over what their goals would be if elected. “I want to continue to provide access to quality and affordable health care,” said Quade. “Continue to provide funding for our public schools with an emphasis on things like transportation and increasing teacher pay.”

“Reforming education across the board in our job skills programs,” said Freeman. “Everyone who has gone to college, particularly in graduate school, knows it’s all about jumping through the hoops.”

Both candidates shared their different views when it comes to Missouri Amendment 3, legalizing recreational marijuana.

“Amendment 3 is not perfect,” said Quade. There are lots of things around the licensing that I disagree with and some things that I would have liked to have seen done better. I do support Amendment 3 and plan to be voting yes. I do believe that the citizens want recreation.”

“It’s not really just a narrow issue there,” said Freeman. “It’s just a broad, hey, we want this. Just do whatever once you get there. It’s just not very well written at all.”