Election Day Results and Resources

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. — Races for the area’s Missouri State House positions have been called.

Democrat Crystal Quade keeps seat in Missouri’s District 132, representing Springfield

House Minority leader Crystal Quade will continue to represent north and central Springfield as the District 132 representative in the Missouri State House.

Quade, a Democrat, defeated Republican Sephanos Freeman by earning 56% of the vote. Quade has served in the Missouri State House since 2016.

Quade told Ozarksfirst in an interview before the election that her main goals for Missouri include making sure Missourians have access to affordable healthcare. She also said public school funding for things like transportation and teacher pay were priorities.

Quade said that even though there were some things in Missouri’s Amendment 3, which she did not agree with, she ultimately supported it and planned to vote yes.

Republican Melanie Stinett keeps seat representing District 133 in the Missouri House

Republican Melanie Stinnett will be the representative for Missouri’s House District 133.

Stinnett earned 52.41% of the vote Tuesday, enough to win over first-time candidate, Democrat Amy Blansit.

District 133 includes west and central Springfield.

Republican Alex Riley keeps seat in the Missouri House representing Battlefield

Alex Riley has earned enough votes to keep his seat in the Missouri State House Representing Battlefield.

The Republican earned 63.11% of the votes Tuesday in the race for Missouri’s District 134 seat, winning over Democrat Samantha Deaton.

Democrat Betsy Fogle keeps seat representing northeast Springfield in the Missouri State House

Democrat Betsy Fogle won her bid to continue representing Missouri’s District 135 Tuesday. District 135 is in northeast Springfield.

Fogle defeated AJ Exner, a Republican by earning 56.24% of the votes. Fogle won her seat for the first time in 2020.

In the last election cycle, this seat was flipped when Fogle won by less than 100 votes.

Fogle said in an interview with Ozarksfirst before the election that people in her district want strong public schools, affordable health care, and jobs that allow them to care for their families.

Fogle said her priorities to combat inflation include making sure people have access to good jobs and to childcare.

Stephanie Hein, Democrat defeats incumbent Craig Fishel to represent southeast Springfield in Missouri state house

Stephanie Hein, a Democrat, will now represent Missouri House District 136, after a victory over four-year Republican incumbent Craig Fishel.

Hein earned 50.75% of the votes Tuesday with 94% of votes counted as of 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Rep. Bishop Davidson unopposed in House State House District 130

Missouri House District 130 will be represented by Republican Bishop Davidson. Davidson was unopposed on the ballot.

Western and Greene County, District 131, will be represented by Republican Bill Owen. Owen ran unopposed in the general election.