SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Voters across Springfield have decided the fate of the Galloway neighborhood, voting “no” on Springfield Question One, which asked whether the area across from Sequiota park should be rezoned for a development with apartments and retail stores.

The battle over the development had been going on for years. The Galloway Neighborhood Association was against rezoning. Its president said the group’s mission was to preserve and protect its part of Springfield.

The rezoning failed with 70% voting no.

The developer, Mitch Jenkins, said he was afraid the rezoning could set a precedent that all rezoning issues could go to a public vote.

Tensions were high leading up to the election, with sign vandalism, social media posts, and disagreements over the development.

One member of Springfield’s City Council talked to Ozarksfirst the week before the election, raising concerns about the involvement of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce in the issue.

Records from the Missouri Ethics Commission showed the chamber not only endorsed Question One, but it also invested $10,000 into a political action committee trying to pass the measure. The chamber said it often becomes involved in issues that impact the community, but Councilman Craig Hosmer said he believed there could be a conflict of interest.