BRANSON, Mo. – The votes are in for the Branson mayoral race.

Incumbent Larry Milton won by over 200 votes, 817-614. He was first elected in 2021.

“I listen. I pride myself on carrying the voice of the people to City Hall,” Milton said. “I’ve been a businessman all my life and so operating city government at the speed of business versus the speed of government, I believe that has a lot of value to it.”

Milton’s opponents, Karen Best and Charles Rodriguez, garnered and 614 and 97 votes, respectively. Best served two terms as Branson mayor and Rodriguez serves as an Alderman in Branson.

“We’re doing so much to improve the quality of life for our residents. At the same time, paying attention to the business community,” Milton said. “But the business community is not the top priority for City Hall. We are there to be responsible for our tax dollars and improve the quality of life for everybody.”