SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Today is election day and several counties across the Ozarks have important measures on the ballot, which include approving marijuana sales tax and a new partnership with a local community college.

In Bolivar, voters will be deciding on a formal partnership between Ozarks Technical Community College and the Bolivar school district which would raise the tax levy but also give residents reduced tuition costs.

KOLR 10 spoke with Polk County Clerk Rachel Lightfoot who said there are a few voters in Hickory County who can vote on the BOMOTC measure at the Polk fire station.

“It’s your right to voice your opinion and I encourage everyone to to do that, whether it is a small election or big election, I always say the smaller ones usually have the bigger impact on you anyway,” said Lightfoot.   

In Stone County and the Branson-Lakes area, voters will decide if they want to renew a 1% sales tax to promote tourism.

In Branson West, voters will decide whether or not to approve a $5 million bond for water and sewer improvements, also on the ballot, a half percent sales tax for public safety.

Across the Ozarks, there are a few counties with recreational marijuana sales tax issues on the ballot. In Webster County, Marshfield and Seymour both have a 3% sales tax on recreational marijuana.

Marionville in Lawrence County and Eldon in Miller County have the same issue on the ballot.

Lightfoot said to be sure to bring a valid form of ID with you to vote. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

“This is going to be an issue that’s going to affect. Everybody’s pocketbooks as well, and I think everybody should consider that and make a good informed decision and exercise their right every opportunity they’re given,” said Lightfoot.