CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. – Voters in Christian County will notice a spelling error on their ballots when they vote in Tuesday’s primary election.

Alex Bryant is running as a Republican in the race for the U.S. House District 7 seat. This is the seat left vacant by Billy Long, who is running for Missouri’s open seat in the U.S. Senate, which has been held by longtime Senator Roy Blunt.

Bryant’s name is spelled correctly on all ballots in the district except for the Christian County ballot. On that ballot, the “R” and the “Y” are transposed and his last name is spelled “Byrant.”

“They’re not able to fix it I guess and so you just have mixed feelings and thoughts,” Bryant said. “But I try to stay positive and don’t want to think it’s any … bad blood … or shenanigans if you will.”

The Christian County Clerk said it’s too close to the election to fix the error, even on electronic voting machines.

“Hey the name may be misspelled on the ballot but don’t let it be misspelled in your heart,” Bryant said. “You know to remember your ABCs. Alex Bryant, I’m the same person … the big bald beautiful brother man.”

Christian County primarily uses paper ballots.