REEDS SPRING, Mo. — Reeds Spring School District has scheduled an event to talk to voters about its 40 million dollar no-tax-increase bond issue. This bond will be on the ballot during the April 5 municipal election.

During the event on Tuesday (3/15/22), a presentation will take place in the Reeds Spring Middle School auditorium. If approved, the bond money would fund a new career and tech center next to the high school as well as update and expand the current primary school.

“The facilities are old and they’re really becoming an ongoing maintenance cost,” said Cody Hirschi, the district’s superintendent. “Both the primary and the career center. The amount of dollars we’re spending to upkeep those facilities is getting out of hand.”

Dr. Hirschi said last year’s bond was a tax increase to help with salaries and to hire more workers to help with this current no-tax-increase bond. The issue that will benefit the most from the latest bond is early childhood learning, specifically infant to 4-year-olds.

“On our side of the lake, even opposed to our friends in the west or to the north, we have very limited options in regards to early childhood care for our kids,” said Hirschi. “So for a district that at least 65% of our kids living in poverty, it’s super essential that we have those early learning experiences.”

The primary school Dr. Hirschi calls “really outdated” will be completely renovated to take on more students and add a storm shelter. The shelter will make it to where students and staff in the primary school don’t have to walk to the tornado shelter in the middle school during severe weather.

“The current facility isn’t tornado safe,” said Hirschi. “Although we have a facility in the middle school, those little legs struggle to get across the way to safety.”

An alumni park with a grass field would also be funded by the bond. The remaining money would go toward purchasing buses, building playgrounds, and upgrading technology.