The Stone County Clerk Denise Dickens said there are several money issues on the ballot this year and the courthouse expects a 30% voter turnout. One of the questions, if passed, would be the second sales tax for law enforcement in Stone County.

“Back in the early nineties, Stone County did pass a half-cent law enforcement tax,” said Dickens. “But that tax goes to fund the prosecutor’s office. The Circuit Clerk’s office, the coroner’s office, and the jail in the sheriff. So there is already a half a cent.”

This will be called Proposition P on the ballot. If residents vote yes, they will pay a quarter of a cent sales tax in addition to the half-cent tax.

“This quarter of a cent will be designated strictly to the sheriff and the jail if it passes,” said Dickens. “So if you spend $40, 10 cents will be your tax on a $40 purchase.”

The county would not start collecting the tax until October 1. If voters reject Proposition P, Dickens said the county will make do with its current budget.

“Our sheriff’s budget is around $2.3 million, which is for the sheriff’s budget,” said Dickens. “And then our jail budget runs about a million so it won’t be cut. It won’t be reduced. We will retain all of our deputies, all of our jailes. Everything will stay the same.”

Neighbors would still pay half a cent sales tax voters approved in the 1990s if Prop. P is rejected.