While the Ozarks is calm and quiet, enjoying a brief taste of fall, the rest of the country isn’t so lucky. Colorado is seeing snowfall, while the northeast is already seeing heavy rainfall with more on the way thanks to Hurricane Lee.

September snow for Colorado

Late summer snow (or early fall snow, depending on who you ask) is not uncommon for the tops of Colorado mountains. Pikes Peak towers to an impressive height of 14,115′. Early in the week, a strong cold front brought a couple of inches of snow, causing workers to break out the shovels.

The Pikes Peak area could see more snow by the end of the week. This could be problematic for the Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent, which will be held this weekend. Race directors say, “Snow is a go”.

Flooding in New England

Parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts have been pounded by heavy rainfall. Nearly 10 inches fell in six hours, leaving two communities declaring a state of emergency as waters poured into homes, forcing water rescues of residents. The flood is said to be a 200-year event.

With more rain on the way thanks to Hurricane Lee, many New Englanders are bracing for impact. Rhode Island and Massachusetts will be hit with heavy rainfall once again, as Lee is expected to make landfall this weekend.

Hurricane Lee is around 700 miles off the coast, making the track difficult to nail down. It looks like landfall is likely over the weekend, but models will be more precise once the storm takes a turn to the north.