SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The National Weather Service used the term, “Flash drought”, to describe the recent weather, but what does it mean?

Ozarksfirst.com’s Meteorologist Natalie Nunn gave the National Weather Service a call to see if this was a new term.

“It was coined in 2020. So it’s not that old. Usually we kind of ease our way into a drought. It’s dry for a long period of time,” said Nunn. She explained that the Ozarks has only seen a 10th of an inch of rain for all of July. “This is the second driest month in 20 years.”

This dry weather was contrasted in May when the Ozarks reached the wettest May on record earlier this year.

You can watch the video above for a closer look at the flash drought that hit the Ozarks last week.

Currently, areas in the Ozarks are finally getting the much-needed rain according to July 25’s forecast. The upcoming rain will likely change the statistics for the month of July making it one of the driest months in years.