How’s this for a weekend forecast?

Temperatures: Mid-80s

Humidity Levels: Comfy

Precipitation Chance: Zero

If you’re like me, you will gladly take it after the hot stretch of days we had to start the week.

For today, you can expect plenty of sunshine and temperatures to peak in the mid-80s. Sunday’s weather will be very similar to what we will experience today. The only difference is slightly warmer temps with more cloud cover.

Many places are in need of rainfall. To end the month of August, Springfield went a staggering 20 days without rainfall. Since then, we have only seen 0.16″ inches of rain.

For the people wishing to see rain, the good news is you won’t have to wait too much longer.

A cold front will push into the Ozarks Monday causing widespread chances of precipitation for both Monday and Tuesday. Once the front has been pushed out of the area, temperatures are going to be feeling like fall. Expect to see high temperatures in the Mid-70s for the latter half of the upcoming work week.