BRANSON, Mo. – Photojournalist Lex Smith took some video footage of the rainfall in Historic Downtown Branson.

The best chances for storms in the Ozarks arrive today as a cold front continues to move our way.

As the cold front slides into the viewing area, we’ll likely see a line of storms beginning to form along with it. This would lead to more of a gusty wind threat early Wednesday morning with the potential for spin-up tornadoes and embedded hail.

Depending on the speed of the front, it’ll likely get rejuvenated late Wednesday morning into Wednesday afternoon.

As it moves east of Highway 65, it’ll run into more unstable air to the east as temps and dew points spike ahead of the boundary. This is where we find our greatest potential for severe weather.

We have the potential for strong tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail over the quarter size. A Moderate Risk (Level 4/5) is draped across our eastern neighborhoods meaning intense, long-lived thunderstorms.

By tonight, we should be seeing this moisture beginning to move east of the viewing area with cooler and drier air starting to take over.