Happy Monday!

We have another gorgeous day in store for the Ozarks. While it is nearly picture-perfect, it would be better if this forecast had some rain and it simply doesn’t.

We made it to 81° yesterday. The average for this time of the year is 77°. We will be a bit cooler today with a high in the mid-70s. Our eastern counties will stay in the low-70s today.

Winds will be fairly calm out of the east today. Our western counties could see wind gusts up to 20 mph. This will not be enough for a Red Flag Warning, but it is enough to worry about elevated fire weather. With dry, dry conditions, low dewpoints, and that easterly breeze, it’s not a good idea to burn trash, yard waste, or throw cigarette butts out the window.

Over the next week, there isn’t much change in this forecast. It will stay sunny and nice, with slightly warmer temperatures. Although, nothing too out of control.