Happy Wednesday, friends!

Are you ready? This winter storm will be one for the record books! Not so much for the snow, as the snow accumulations will not be impressive. But the cold — oh the cold! — will be unforgettable.

By 6 a.m, the cold front will be near the Springfield area. Wind chills will be in the mid-20s to start out the morning.

By the evening, we will be seeing wind chills near -30°. We don’t see many WIND CHILL WARNINGS here in the Ozarks, but we will have one in effect until noon on Christmas Eve.

The cold is one factor, but we will also see some snow. The first concern with the initial precipitation will be flash freezing, which could leave a thin glaze of ice on roadways early Thursday. The main chance of snow will follow and move in the mid-to-late morning.

The snow will quickly move through, and will likely be wrapped up by dinner time. With such extreme cold, it will be hard to pinpoint snow totals as it will be a very dry snowfall.

I think Springfield will see 2-4 inches. However, the snow will be so wind-blown, it’ll be hard to get an accurate assessment.

Once the snow falls, it’ll be sticking around! I guess that’s one way to get a white Christmas! Christmas day will be near freezing. If Santa delivers any bikes, it might be safe to take a spin or two outside.

Please be safe! This extreme cold is not something to mess around with.