Happy Tuesday!

The heat continues for another day. The summer of 2022 was one to remember for many reasons, namely the heat. The summer heat continues to put up a fight to the bitter end. Tuesday and Wednesday are the last official days of summer and we will come close to record heat on Tuesday, and we should set a record on Wednesday.

A cold front is going to snap us out of the summer-time set-up. It is starting to look more and more like we could see a little rain early on Thursday. We won’t see a lot, but we will take anything we can get at this point.

There will be another chance for some rain late Saturday into Sunday morning. Again, it’s not looking like a lot, but rain is good and we want it.

While Thursday will be significantly chillier, it won’t last. By Saturday, we will be back above average, and possibly setting records in Joplin. I do have some good news for next week. Temperatures are looking much more fall-like and seasonal for the last full week of September.