We have made it to Thursday, on what could be considered a nearly perfect week weather-wise for those in the Ozarks. We have a very familiar set-up in the atmosphere, where we are sitting south of an upper-level ridge situated over the Plains. We have a very dry air mass in place this morning, allowing early morning lows to drop a few degrees right before sunrise (which is a little after 7:00 a.m.).

With the dry air and breezy afternoon conditions, it’s not a good idea to do any burning today. The ground is so dry, it won’t take much to get a grass fire going.

Into the weekend, temperatures will warm slightly, close to 80°. Looking long-term, we will be staying very dry for the next 5+ days. The newest drought monitor information will be coming out later this morning and we are expecting worsening drought conditions across the Ozarks.