Happy, happy Thursday!

This is day #1 of below-average temperatures across the Ozarks. I hope you can get comfortable with the cold because it will likely be outstaying its welcome.

Getting your gloves, hats, and scarves handy is a good idea. For the next seven days, temperatures are cold. The few days leading up to Christmas are shaping up to be FRIGID! Notice those highs in the teens.

While the frigid air is in place, moisture might be a bit more tricky to come by. When the air is colder, the air is typically drier. As it stands now, there are two days where we could see some light precipitation — Sunday night into Monday morning, and then again Wednesday night into Thursday. Moisture is limited, and cold is plentiful. If you are traveling especially late next week please have a travel kit in your car and plan ahead for the brutally cold weather.