Happy Monday!

The September summer sizzle is going strong as we head into the last few days of summer. The current set-up is very much like what we saw in late June/early July when we saw all those 100° days. An upper-level ridge is holding onto the middle part of the country. This ridge of high pressure will keep temperatures well above average for the next couple of days.

We will see a heat index near 100° for the next couple of days. Although it’ll be close, I don’t think we are going to meet the criteria for a Heat Advisory. Heat-sensitive people should be aware of extreme temperatures and take precautions.

Fall officially arrives at 8:04 pm on Thursday, September 22. The weather got the memo and we will be seeing a big-time cool down just in time for the arrival. Some models are trending with highs right around 70. I had to do a doubletake when I was looking at models early this morning.