A wave of thunderstorm earlier this morning brought plenty of rainfall across the Ozarks. While most places saw about 0.25 inches, there were plenty of pockets of heavier precipitation totals. For example, roughly 1″ dropped down over Springfield while places in Lawrence and Barton counties saw 2-3″.


As the day progressed, the rain and overcast conditions lingered around playing a big part in limiting the high temperatures for today. Thankfully, the sun came out to play later this afternoon potentially saving any Saturday evening plans.

More thunderstorm development is expected for both later tonight and tomorrow. Furthermore, each of these days carries the potential for severe weather with Sunday night being the stronger of the two. The main concerns for these events are Severe Thunderstorms developing leading to flooding in water-prone areas. At this, the potential of damaging winds and hail can not be ruled out.


Sunday’s night severe risk is due to a cold front pushing across our region of the county. Once the front has safely passed through, a transition period to cooler temperatures will arrive in the Ozarks. The temperature will drop to a comfy upper 70s to low 80s for the start of the work week. Even better dew point values will tank as well, meaning the “muggy meter” will dip down to cool and comfortable levels.