It will be much calmer today. The cold front that caused havoc is also going to drop the temperatures below average Sunday and Monday. A few isolated showers and storms are possible Sunday. Sunday will be mostly cloudy. Sunday temperatures will top out in the 70s for most of the region.

If you are going to the lake of the river: make sure to check for flooding and the river levels before you go. With the rain received, the current of the river could be moving faster than normal.

By Monday, another day filled with cooler temperatures and plenty of sunshine. The humidity levels will be much lower, with dew points in the upper 50s low 60s! It will feel pleasant Monday compared to the last few days.

By Tuesday, the temperatures soar into the mid to upper 80s before the 90s creep back in by Wednesday!
Wednesday, the dew points will creep back into the upper 60s and 70s, making it feel sticky and muggy out
As next weekend approaches, a cold front sweeps into the area before stalling out, resulting in showers and storms.