Are you sick of the heat? After 2 straight weeks of having Feel Likes Temperatures in the triple digits, I am happy to say some much-needed relief from the heat is here. High temperatures will dip below our climatological average of 90 degrees for much of the week.

Daytime high temperatures will be on the cooler end, as well as, the evening temperatures. Due to a substantial lack of cloud cover at night, evening temperatures will be allowed to quickly decrease to comfortable levels. Expect overnight low temperatures to hover around the mid-60s for the majority of the week.

Something important to note is the chance of severe weather impacting the Ozarks Wednesday morning. A shortwave trough in the Upper-level of the atmosphere will set the scene and prime our area for inclement weather. The main threat posed to us will come in the form of damaging winds and flooding.

We will be tracking this event over the coming days and have more details as the week progresses. Make sure to download our OzarksFirst Weather App as it is the best way to stay updated to date with the weather impacting the Ozarks while on the go.