The 7-day forecast is full of sunshine and limited rain. What a difference from the start of the month when rain has not been in short supply. Springfield is more than three times over the average rainfall for the first 15 days of August.

In a normal year, August is the driest summer month in the Ozarks. This year is anything but typical when it comes to precipitation.

On Wednesday, August 9, 2023 Springfield saw a record amount of rain, recording 2.49″. Three days in a row of more than 0.8″, helping to push Springfield well into a surplus.

While Springfield is relishing in the rainfall, other areas in the Ozarks haven’t seen quite as much. While all areas are working in a surplus, none amount to as much as Springfield.

While we know we are well ahead in rainfall totals for the month, where do we stand for the year? After an unusually dry April and June, we have made up for it in other months (August being one of those). For 2023, we are currently 3.92″ above normal for rainfall. While still battling drought conditions, this is a welcome sight.

The drought monitor is released by the National Weather Service every Thursday morning. The new release will have the latest rainfall data.