SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Sunday, October 24, a potent storm sweep through Missouri bringing strong winds, hail, and a few tornadoes. Across Missouri, there were several tornado warnings across the region, and a few areas were surveyed.

The first touched down at 3:27 PM CDT five miles east of Turney, Clinton County, Mo northeast of Kansas City. Its maximum width was 40 yards, and the length was 4.653 miles long. It ended 5 miles west of Kingston, Caldwell County, Mo. This tornado was ranked an EF1 with 100mph winds. The only damage that was reported was roof damage.

An EF-2 tornado was reported in Livingston/Linn that touched down at 4:31 PM and ended at 5:18 PM. It was 150 yards in width and traveled 31.54 miles with max winds of 120mph.

Gladden, Dent County, a tornado touched down at 6:34 pm with estimated peak winds at 100mph, ranked an EF-1. This tornado had a maximum wide path of 440 yards and a length of 5.84 miles. The tornado ended at 6:44 PM. This storm caused a roof to lift, which resulted in a partial failure of an exterior wall near county road 5510. The tornado uprooted and snapped numerous trees before completely destroying a barn and small shed before crossing over highway N southeast of Turtle, Mo. Trees were uprooted and snapped at their trunks as the tornado crossed County Road 5380.

Richland, Camden County, a tornado touched down at 6:53 PM with estimated peak winds at 90mph, ranked an EF-1. The tornado had a maximum wide path of 100 yards and traveled 2.1 miles. The tornado dissipated at 6:57. This tornado tore off the roof of one home and damaged a barn. Multiple trees were uprooted, with several large trees limbs snapped.

A few stronger tornadoes touched down just south of Saint Louis. These are still preliminary and the survey is still ongoing. At this time, St. Mary, Mo to Chester, IL tornado has been upgraded to an EF-2 with a maximum winds speed of 122mph.

Fredericktown, Mo experienced a tornado, the survey is still ongoing, but preliminary results show it was an EF-3 with a maximum wind speed of 140mph.

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