SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – It is Severe Weather Awareness Week here in Missouri. Each day will focus on a different topic to help you prepare for the upcoming season.

Day 5’s topic is flooding safety. Do you know what to do or how to prepare?

Flood products

  • There are four different flood products that can be issued: flash flood warning, flood warning, flood watch, and flood advisory. All four require action.

Before, during, and after

  • Before a flood: prepare your home by checking your plumbing and charging your phone
  • During a flood: get to higher ground, obey any evactuation orders, avoid flood waters, and stay informed
  • After a flood: still avoid flood waters, avoid disaster areas, heed road closures, and wait for the all clear

We asked around the newsroom some flood questions, watch the video to see how they did.

Follow these tips and guidelines to help you stay safe and stay ahead of the storm.

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