Beautiful weather to end the week turned into beautiful weather to start the weekend. While today won’t be as warm as yesterday, temperatures will still comfortably be above average for November.

Close to picture-perfect weather for this weekend, however, a slight risk of light showers will try to put a damper on things. Most areas will stay dry, but some sprinkles and scattered showers may occur along a stationary front sagging across the Ozarks.

Sunday will be warmer than today. Temperatures will climb to the lower 70s. Incredible late fall weather and guess what? Even warmer conditions are on the way.

The jet stream will be locked into a west-to-east pattern. This zonal flow will help block the cold air from pumping into our region into a pattern shift that occurs on Wednesday. Quiet, dry, and warm weather patterns will occur until the shake-up.

Temperatures will ramp up to near-record highs for both Monday and Tuesday. Currently, temps are forecasted to be in the upper 70s and will have to reach 80 to take down a record high. Tuesday is looking like the better day of the two at making a record run at 80°.