Well, it’s hot. Still hot. Springfield hit a heat index of 110 degrees for the 6th day in a row. It’s quite rare to see a string of this many hot and humid days in a row.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms sprinkle the region. Thankfully at the moment, there are no concerns of these thunderstorms elevating to severe levels. However, a few cells over in Texas and Pulaski County have produced marble-sized hail.

Going into the weekend expect to see the warm temperatures start to slowly disappear. Temperatures for Saturday will hover around the low 90s with the same annoying level of humidity hanging around. Rain chances remain in effect for both Saturday and Sunday with later having a more widespread effect.

On Sunday, a cold front will pass through greatly slashing temperatures and sweeping the humidity out of our region. Leaving behind lovely cooler temperatures and a fall-like feel for next week.