We’ll be taking a break from spotty showers over the next couple of days as a pocket of dry air in the atmosphere spreads through the area. This will come with sunnier skies and cooler overnight lows too.

For tonight, we’ll find skies becoming clear with temperatures settling in the low to mid-60s by morning.

Tuesday and Wednesday will offer up mostly sunny skies and quiet weather. Afternoon highs will be creeping higher, but will still remain a little below normal for late July. Early morning temperatures will be pleasant again Wednesday morning.

The atmosphere will start to moisten back up Thursday, and this will open the door to a few spotty afternoon showers. Temperatures will be a touch warmer with afternoon highs close to 90°.

Heading into the weekend we can expect hot and humid weather with a few spotty afternoon and early evening showers or storms. A summer ridge will start to strengthen over the middle of the country over the weekend. This will continue to slowly push afternoon highs higher with highs in the low 90s by Saturday. Humidity levels will be running higher too keeping overnight low from dipping below 70°.

Hot weather will continue through Sunday and Monday. As the summer ridge strengthens over the area we could see afternoon highs climbing into the low to mid-90s by early next week. There may be a front draped just northeast of the area Sunday and Monday too. This would help pool moisture in the atmosphere and it may lead to at least a slight uptick in shower chances on both days. It would also lead to higher heat indices that may top out in the 100 to 105° range.

The summer ridge looks like it will be a player for much of next week making for a hot final week of the month.