We’re kicking off the week of Christmas with sunshine and chilly temperatures. A storm passing by to the south has had little to no influence over our weather. Sunshine and southwest winds also made for warmer weather than this past weekend.

The pattern looks cool and quiet through Wednesday. The days will be bright and chilly and the nights will be cold.

Also, winter officially arrives Tuesday morning at 9:59. This will be our shortest day of the year with 9 hours and 36 minutes of daylight. The slow march back to longer days will follow.

December has been a month of seasonal confusion and we’re heading toward another dose of spring-like weather later this week. A warm pattern will get going Thursday as southwest winds blow in some milder air. Highs on Thursday will top out near 60°, but the really warm weather will be saved for Christmas Eve.

A cold front will be marching in from the west during the day with gusty southwest winds ahead of the front. Early clouds will give way to sunny conditions with temperatures climbing into the upper 60s and low 70s across the Ozarks. Yes, we’ll be chasing record highs again. The record high in Springfield is 74° set back in 1955. This Christmas Eve is also shaping up to be the warmest Christmas Eve since that record high was set.

The warmth will come with wind gusts between 30 and 40 mph possible. The front will arrive late in the day and it looks like it will move through quietly with an overall lack of moisture to kick off any rain.

Christmas Day is shaping up to be cool and bright. Temperatures will be running over 10° cooler than the day before, but still well above normal for late December.

More mild weather is in store as we close out the holiday weekend and move into the final week of the year. We’ll likely see a series of fronts moving through the area Sunday into early next week. Some cloud cover is expected, but it doesn’t look like much if any rain can be expected. Temperatures are a little tricky to pin down, but temperatures will be running above to well above normal.

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