As a born and bred Ozark native, I feel like I can testify to the crazy weather of Memorial Days of the past. Many Memorial Days have been rainy, some too cold to swim, and a few too hot and humid to enjoy. This weekend will be none of those things. This holiday weekend will be about as close to perfect as we can possibly get.

A backdoor cold front has helped us out in a major way with humidity levels. The cold front is ushering in dry air, and in turn, leaving the humidity levels low. This is top-notch weather for being outside.

The dry conditions will be near-perfect to hit the lake, pool, or river. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Some models have been trying to bring moisture into the area with afternoon showers. I think our air will be too dry for that, but by Monday, southeastern Kansas could see a shower or two.

Looking ahead to the middle of next week there are a couple of very slim rain chances on Thursday into Friday. Any one of those days could see a stray shower or thunderstorm with most spots remaining dry going into the first days of June.

Paired with the dryness looks to be a warm-up with temperatures climbing to the mid to upper 80s Tuesday-Thursday. Some model data suggests 90 degrees may be possible next week and some spots will get close, but likely not getting that hot just yet.