Friday, April 20 Midday Forecast

Warmer sunshine today, Showers return late Saturday and Sunday

Warmer sunshine today, Showers return late Saturday and Sunday ---

A southeast wind kicks today ahead of a developing system to our west. We'll have a steady breeze sustained 10-20 mph at times today. Mostly sunny skies and the warm wind help temperatures get warmer today than they were yesterday. We'll all get into at least the lower 60's, high 65 degrees in Springfield.



Clouds increase tonight and temperatures stay mild. Low 44 degrees.

Tomorrow a low-pressure center shoots out of the Four Corner Region and approaches the Ozarks. This system is detached from the jet stream, or the fastest winds in the upper-levels of the atmosphere that steer our storms. Without something to steer it or push it out, this low will be SLOW. 

We'll set up showers to our west tomorrow afternoon, but they'll hang on our doorstep most of the day, slow to cross the border into MO/ AR from KS/ OK. Those west get wet first, showers arriving there late in the afternoon. I expect showers to hold off in Springfield until at least 4-7 PM.

We'll keep mostly cloudy skies all day. Temperatures have the best shot at hitting the middle 60's east where you'll likely stay dry until after the sun sets. Those west get rain cooled air first, upper 50's for you. High 62 degrees in Springfield.



Showers spread east and become likely Saturday night and Sunday.

The low will be slow, keeping showers on-and-off in the Ozarks all day on Sunday. This storm tracks to our south, keeping us thunder/ severe weather free. No hazardous weather is expected!

Clouds keep us cool on Sunday with highs in the middle and upper 50's.

Rain totals between Saturday and Sunday will be up to 1", with totals closer to 1" south in northern AR where the heart of the storm will track. Totals about 0.5" or less in central MO. 

We'll dry out in time for the Monday morning commute. Clouds hang around on Monday, but we'll be dry with highs in the lower 60's.

Mild and quiet on Tuesday with highs in the upper 50's. 

A weak system passes to our north on Wednesday. It swings a cool front through the Ozarks with a very tiny shower threat and slightly cooler lower 60's. 

Sunny and seasonal Thursday.

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