Happy Sunday!

We are not going to catch a break when it comes to the summer heat and humidity as we head into the first week of July. To be honest, Sunday will be the coolest day of the week … and we are expecting high temperatures near 90°.

Scattered showers and storms will be possible on Sunday morning in the early afternoon time period. We are so behind on rain for these summer months, any rain would be welcome in our viewing area. And let’s be honest, if something does pop up, it will be short-lived so enjoy the rain, and then it will turn hot, dry, and steamy in no time.

By Monday, an upper-level ridge will build strongly over the middle part of the country. Your 4th of July will be dry and hot. Be careful with the heat and being outside too long. It’ll be day #1 of the extreme heat, as we are going to see a week of the hottest temperatures this year, if not the hottest temperatures in almost a decade. (2014 might beat us out) It’s been many years since I have forecast 100° for the Ozarks, but I do have us at 100° on Wednesday. The only bright spot is that humidity might be a little lower.

The week will also be very dry! And, we all know we need the rain. Our next chance of rain will come at the end of the week on Friday and Saturday. With the chance of rain, we will also see temperatures a bit cooler.