Happy, happy Monday!

Sometimes the Monday after a holiday can be a drag, but with weather like this, we can’t complain too much. High pressure is in control bringing us plenty of sunshine and dry air in place. Winds will start to pick up out of the southwest today gusting up to 20 mph. Not the best day to burn, especially for our counties to the east.

This week is pretty much a copy-and-paste kind of forecast. Temperatures will stay above average both daytime and nighttime and we will have dry air in place. Thursday we will come close to a record high. As of now, we are forecasting a high of 70 degrees. The record is 73, which was set back in 2012.

The next change in our forecast will come this weekend. There will be a slight chance of rain, rain that is much needed! Temperatures will also cool down close to normal.

Enjoy your day and this beautiful weather.