It has been a cloudy day across the Ozarks. Temperatures made it into the 50s in a few places. We have some moisture across the region, but it isn’t making it to the ground just yet. Winter Weather Advisories are in effect starting at 3 AM Saturday through 9 PM tomorrow for Missouri. As you head south, a Winter Storm Watch is in effect for parts of Northern Arkansas until Sunday at 6 AM. Rain is likely tonight, moving into the region between 9-10. As the temperatures drop, that’s when we will see the transition over to snow. The change over will happen at different times across the Ozarks. This model run, snow looks to change over around 9 am and lasts throughout most of the day. The models have been all over the place with snow totals because the models don’t have a good handle on when the temperatures will drop to the sweet spot. If temperatures drop very quickly, that’s when we will see a good amount of snow accumulation. If your temperatures remain above that sweet spot, then that will be the result of lower totals. Don’t get too focused on the amounts we will receive, it is going to be a messy, gross Saturday on tap, which is a great time to stay home so MDOT can clear the roads. Roads will be slick and could have a nice blanket of snow over them throughout the day. Temperatures will decrease throughout the day tomorrow. Saturday night temperatures will be dropping into the low 20s and upper teens tomorrow night, with wind chill values in the teens by Sunday morning. Temperatures Sunday will be in the 30s, with the sun coming back out. Temperatures will rebound next week before plummeting again.