Flooding continues over the weekend

Flood alerts are still in effect for most of the Ozarks, though. So make sure you travel slow and don’t try to drive through standing water. Springfield received 6.51″ which is an inch over what Springfield should see for the entire month!

Beautiful Mother’s Day on tap

The sun will be back out today and warm temperatures! Springfield will top out at 74 degrees and calm winds. By Sunday, temperatures jump by 10 degrees, topping out at 83 degrees with mostly sunny skies. Winds will be pick up, with sustained winds between 15 to 20 mph, and gusts could be up in the 30s and 40s! It will be a great day for kite flying, and the winds will help cool you down if you are getting outside for Mother’s Day. The rivers are still running very high and very fast. So you will want to hold off from going floating this weekend as it could be very dangerous.

A taste of summer next week

A ridge will be building as we head into next week, which will help the temperatures to warm up to temperatures well above average. Some areas could be flirting with 90 degrees and record-setting high temperatures! This will also be the longest dry stretch the Ozarks have seen since March! Over the next 7 days, enjoy getting outside with the warm temperatures and dry conditions!