Hitting the lottery with rain

We did it! Springfield finally got more than a hundredth of an inch of rain! Springfield received 1.39 inches! Unfortunately, this was not enough to decrease the drought conditions, but it helped keep it steady. West Plains broke a record of rainfall today for a 24-hour period for July 30, receiving 2.09.” Rolla is still under rainfall by 3.62 since June first while Springfield is under by 4.58.”

Few showers and storms possible tomorrow

A few scattered showers and storms are possible throughout tonight and tomorrow. The future rainfall total will range from 0.10-0.25 inches, so not that much, but the Ozarks will take anything at this point.

Mild before hot

Temperatures will be mild again tomorrow, so get out and enjoy it before summer crawls back in by Monday. Springfield will hit the mid-80s tomorrow with clear skies in the evening. Monday temperatures will be in the mid-90s with sunny skies. An isolated shower is possible Monday morning, but most areas will be staying dry. The heat is on by Monday, and it doesn’t look to go away anytime in the near future. This will increase the drought conditions again as things continue to dry.