Cool. Calm. Comfy. When was the last time those words were used to describe the weather here in the Ozarks? Thankfully those will be the adjectives used when detailing the upcoming weather for this week.


The cold front that swept across our region Saturday is in large part responsible for both the cooler temperatures and precipitation the majority of us saw. The bulk of the rainfall fell to the East of Highway 65 while towns in the Southwest corner of Missouri stayed fairly dry.


An early taste of fall is coming to the Ozarks. Temperatures will hover around the low 80s for the majority of this week before slowly ramping and warming up this weekend. After the long heatwave we’ve experienced I couldn’t be any more excited.


Not only are those high temperatures dropping to comfy levels. The overnight low will be dipping into the low 60s. And to make things even sweeter, humidity values will stay at comfy levels for the majority of the week.