Would you like a member of the Weather Experts Team to come to visit and talk to your class, school, organization, or business?

Chief Meteorologist Jamie Warriner along with Meteorologist T.J. Springer and Meteorologist Natalie Nunn visit several schools and hundreds of students and community members each year.

During their visits, they talk about severe weather, their experiences, pictures, videos, what happens in the TV studio and more!

If you would like one of our meteorologists to come speak to your group, please e-mail with details on who, when, where, and what you would like them to talk about at their respective emails.

Chief Meteorologist Jamie Warriner: jwarriner@kolr10.com

Meteorologist T.J. Springer: tspringer@kolr10.com

Meteorologist Natalie Nunn: NTristan@ozarkslocal.tv

Interested in Sponsoring Weather University? Please fill out this form below and we will contact you to tell you more about the program.

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