Weather Tour Experiment: Tornado In A Jar 4/8/20

Weather Tour

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – With you and your kids staying home, here is an experiment that you can do to pass the time and learn about tornadoes.

Remember to have a parent help you with this experiment.

Here are the materials to create a tornado in a jar:

A mason jar

Dish soap


Glitter, if you have it

Here’s what to do:

Fill the jar with water almost to the top

Add a little bit of dish soap

Add a dash of glitter if you would like

Close the jar and make sure the lid is on super tight 

Spin it fast and watch the tornado form! 

This is also a good time to remember tornado safety:

Have a plan of action ready if a tornado warning is issued

Your tornado safe place should be on the lowest level of the building that you are in and in the most inner room

Never go outside during a tornado warning

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