Doctor says it’s safe for pregnant women to get COVID-19 vaccine

COVID Vaccine Updates

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ST. LOUIS, Mo (KTVI)- More than seventy thousand people participated in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials, but those tests excluded pregnant and lactating women.

But pregnant and lactating women were excluded from both trials, with the exception of 36 people who didn’t know they were pregnant at the time they enrolled.

“So far there has been no signal of harm in those 36 patients but I’m not going to pretend we can make any meaningful conclusions from such a small group of people,” Dr. Ebony Carter, a maternal-fetal medicine physician with BJC said, while adding that she is encouraging her patients to get it once it is available.

But why would you want to get it with such little data? Dr. Carter says pregnant people tend to get really sick with COVID, with increased risk for ICU admissions, needing machine-aided breathing, and a higher risk of death.

Plus, the vaccines’ effective rates are also impressive to Dr. Carter.

“I remember Dr. Fauci saying early on I would be really happy if we have a vaccine that 70% effective it’s 95% better than we could’ve ever hoped for. We all use the flu vaccine every year and that one is only 40 to 60% effective.”

The advice is personal in Dr. Carter’s case. She’s breast-feeding her youngest child.

One tidbit that could be helpful for people trying to become pregnant? Dr. Carter says the rumors that the vaccine could cause infertility are not true.

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