Warrior’s Journey Golf Classic


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A cloudy and foggy day at Highland Springs Country Club for the 2nd Annual Warrior’s Journey Golf Classic.

That weather didn’t stop golf entertainer, Dan Boever, from hitting trick shots and telling jokes to the crowd.

Boever made his way to Springfield today, October 28, to show off his crazy swings and tricks on the golf course and to bring awareness to a serious issue.

The “Warrior’s Journey” is an organization that helps get veterans free of isolation and suicidal thoughts and to help families of fallen soldiers.

Wounded vets, and even a 92-year-old woman, who was a WWII nurse, got a chance to compete in some games.

CEO Kevin Weaver told us about the mission of the Warrior’s Journey and how it helps veterans online.

“The Warriors Journey dot org. Very simple. thewarriorsjourney.org. You can check out any of the resources that are there. Every page has what we call a response button'” Weaver said. “So hey I want to talk to someone. I need prayer. I need someone to help me. They hit that button, they fill out that form, we’ll contact them, and we’ll get them connected one on one with another warrior or family member that is very similar to what they’ve gone through so that we can triage their situation, find out what they need, and we’ll connect them to the resources that they need.”

Weaver says nearly 60 suicidal veterans have come forward this year that, thanks to the organization, are alive and are working to move forward.

Marcie Robertson was at the event today, her husband, Forrest, was killed on his fifth combat deployment in Afghanistan in 2013.

Robertson’s family was honored today for Forrest’s sacrifice.

she says her faith got her through her husband’s death and telling others what he did for his country is therapeutic.

“If anybody is hurting, any soldier, any veteran, any family member of the military, The Warrior’s Journey is here,” Robertson said. “They can connect you with someone, they can help you, they can talk to you, anything. All it takes is you just go to the website. You just click on a button and you have help.”

If you’re a veteran or know someone that is hurting tonight, head to the website here to get help.

Organizers are hoping to raise over $70,000 for the project this year.

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