What a day! A few places across the area were lucky enough to get measurable rain. At the KOLR 10 station, we picked up nearly 1.75″ of rain in about an hour’s time. A few places in Barton County saw close to 3″ of rain this afternoon.

A few light showers are showing up on the radar this evening, but they will fizzle quickly in the overnight hours. For your Independence Day, the heat is on! We will be under a Heat Advisory starting at noon, and we expect a heat index over 100°. The Heat Advisory is in effect until Friday! This is the hottest spell we’ve seen in nearly a decade. It has been since 2014 since we reached 100°, and it’s possible we could see 4 days at 100°. Our western counties will likely be a few degrees warmer as well.

It will also be very dry as we continue into next week. The rain that some of us saw today was a welcome relief to the drought-like conditions we are seeing. This ridge over the middle part of the country will hold strong throughout the week. There is a slight chance we could see a few showers late Friday evening, but it doesn’t look to be too convincing yet.

Be careful out there in the heat this week! It’s not something to mess around with.