WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The race is tight for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat.

“I’m running to serve Pennsylvania, Oz is running to use Pennsylvania,” said Democratic candidate John Fetterman.

“I will bring change to Washington so they treat us the way we deserve,” said Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. “Are you happy with the America’s going,” Oz added.

Oz was joined by former President Donald Trump at a rally over the weekend, who told supporters, “Fetterman is the single most dangerous Democrat seeking to join Congress this year and Dr. Oz is the only one that can stop him.”

Early polling shows a neck and neck race between the two candidates. George Washington University Political Management Director Todd Belt says the contest is especially important for Republicans.

“They also have to hang on to all the seats that they have, which means if they lose that Pennsylvania seat, they’ll need to pick up two,” Belt said.

Fetterman and former President Barack Obama hope Pennsylvanians vote for Democrats.

“Pennsylvania is not for sale,” Fetterman said.

“Reason and basic decency are on the ballot,” Obama said.

NewsNation political editor Chris Stirewalt says the outcome of the race will depend heavily on voters who are still on the fence.

“How much ticket splitting is really gonna go on? So here we’re talking is it going to be 6%, 7%? These are really high numbers in an era of super high partisan polarization,” Stirewalt said.