Pool businesses struggling with chlorine shortage


BRANSON, Mo. — Chlorine is in short supply and is causing issues for people hoping to spend the summer by the pool.

This shortage partly caused by a chlorine plant in Louisiana burning down in August as a result of Hurricane Laura.

That particular plant was responsible for the manufacturing of tons of chlorine tablets usually distributed throughout the country.

Another cause for the shortage is the rising cost of building materials for pools as well as shipping caused by the pandemic.

Local businesses are saying the demand for new pools and hot tubs has skyrocketed over the last year with more people choosing to stay home.

Laine Smith, A sales representative at Le Dipping Parlor Spas, said this is impacting everyone.

“Demand has been through the roof because everyone has been staying home as well and product shortages have just affected the whole industry,” said Smith. “So chlorine definitely is a little bit short. Definitely get that in advance. Pools you want to buy your trichore. The hot tubs not so much because you can use a dichore chemical and we’ve been ordering that in advance as well.”

Employee Jeff Schlesener said similar problems are happening at Buster Crabbe Pools.

“Price increase every time you turn around,” said Schlesener. “We build a steel wall by an inlined pool, and the stell portion of it has gone up 30% since last October.”

Smith said they were able to order materials in advance, but anyone looking to add a swimming pool or hot tub may be waiting until next summer.

“Normally if you came in and ordered a hot tub, it would take two or three weeks to get it to you. Now we’re looking at wait times of almost a year,” said Smith.

Same thing goes for Buster Crabbe Pools.

“If somebody wanted a pool this year and they called today, normally we’d say later in the summer. Now we’re talking 9, 10, 12 months out,” said Schlesener.

Those interested in finding more information on the market can go to the HBA’s Home Show going from May 7 through May 9 at the Springfield Expo Center.

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