Overcrowding is a problem for jails both big and small

Webster County inmate sits on one of 30 beds available at the overcrowded facility. Sheriff Roye Cole claims there are upwards of 60 inmates. That number he says sometimes reaches into the 80s.

WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo.– Prisoners are sleeping on the floor, illnesses are spreading due to a lack of nurses on staff, and Sheriff Roye Cole wants the problems fixed. He’s hoping a new jail will help.

He says for decades people in his position, Sheriff of Webster County, have had the same complaint.

Cole says there are about thirty beds in the jailhouse. He notes there are roughly 60-something inmates. He says that number can reach up into the 80s at times.

The overcrowding is enough to keep nurses from being on staff. Meaning anytime there’s medical emergency, one of the inmates is taken to a nearby emergency room.

As Ozarks First reporter David Chasanov learned Wednesday, Webster County Sheriffs aren’t the only ones.

On Monday, June 17th, it was announced the Greene County jail announced its all-time population record. The information came through via Facebook.

” Today the Greene County Justice Center reached an all time high of 938 inmates,” the statement said. “Our jail capacity is set at 709 inmates which means any inmate over 709 is housed out of county. We currently house inmates in 10 different counties. The population of our jail fluctuates hourly.”

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