MILWAUKEE, Wi. — A West Allis tattoo artist is accused of having sex with six women and not telling them he had HIV.

At least one of the victims tested positive for the virus.

The woman told me Jason Taufner never told her he had HIV.

Now police are warning other women to get tested tonight.

This man, 42-year-old Jason Taufner, is charged with six counts of recklessly endangering safety after having unprotected sex and either lying or not telling his partners he was HIV positive.

According to the criminal complaint, one victim says she and Taufner were tattoo artists here at Trust Tattoo.

She says she asked Taufner if he had any STI’s and that he said he was clean.

Taufner also worked at Sacred Skin Tattoo.

When I went there today an employee told me they’re location is clean and sterile and that they had no idea he was HIV positive.

According to the complaint he had sex several times at the tattoo shop.

Taufner has been convicted of this same crime two times before.

As a condition of his sentence, he was supposed to inform any sexual partners of his HIV status, but he didn’t tell any of the six recent victims.

The Milwaukee County Health Department says you can get HIV through unprotected sex and blood-to-blood contact.

“The city of Milwaukee Health Dept. encourages that people get STI testing because sexual health is part of your overall health,” Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Manager Julie Katrichis said.

And that it’s an important conversation to have with your partner.

“We always recommend healthy communication, knowing each other’s status and we encourage people to come together as partners to get tested,” Katrichis said.

But also says by using protection and with the right medicine, the virus might not spread.

“You can be HIV positive and not transmit HIV those are the people that are taking their medications and getting the follow up regularly,” Katrichis said.

The man is now facing up to 84 years in prison.

The City of Milwaukee’s Health Department has a free walk-in clinic for testing HIV and STI’s at their Keenan Sexual Health Clinic location.