Keeping children safe in car seats


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Mom at Sequiota Park and medical professionals talked about the common mistakes people make when using car seats.

According to MoDOT, in 2018, nine children under the age of eight are deceased along with 62 suffering serious injuries in motor vehicle crashes in Missouri.

Dr. Brian Draper with Mercy says traumatic injuries affect children a lot more than adults.

“Especially when we’re talking about brain injuries, which will be more common in those that aren’t wearing a seatbelt at all, that could make them severely disabled for the remainders of their lives.”

Courtney Highfill, the mother of a little girl named Bella, explains how a child seatbelt works.

“The straps gotta go through the arms, and then there’s a harness right here, and then there’s another harness here, that clips into a belt.”

Luke Spain, with CoxHealth, says there is more than an incorrect car seat that risk kids’ lives.

“Kids going to a booster seat when they should still be in a regular car seat, or kids coming out of the booster seat when they really should still be using that seat.”

Sam Carpenter, a trooper with MoDOT, says it’s against the law not to use a car seat.

“It is the state law that children age before 8, that weigh at least 40 pounds, less than 80 pounds, shorter than 4′ 9″ they have to by law be in a passenger restraint system or booster seat.”

Most parents don’t know that car seats actually have expiration dates.

Spain says that sometimes the expiration dates mean the car seat quality is degrading.

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