How Some Forego Traditional Burial Practices – Would You Do It?


SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KENS) — Would you choose to be buried in a cardboard box?

It’s a growing trend and there’s a local green burial cemetery where you can skip the chemicals and the expense of a traditional burial.

“It brings back memories of when I was growing up in Iowa in the country.”

At Countryside Memorial Park families can bury their loved ones in harmony with nature.

“The headstone will be coming pretty soon.”

Noah Miller’s family says when he knew his cancer death was near at age 32 he made his wishes clear. “He wanted to be a tree,” said Noah’s mom, Irene. “It was so much nicer to plant a tree than to just put a body in a grave. There is something positive coming out of it.”

Noah was cremated.  His ashes placed under a pecan tree.

“We got to actually dig the hole ourselves and it was just a very personal family process so it was really neat,” Irene said.

Tonight, we’ll attend an actual burial, for a local man whose last wish was to return to earth as simply as possible in a cardboard box.

“Those who wish are invited to write on the casket.”

Would you do it?

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