Happy frigid Friday, friends!

Temperatures were in the single digits across the Ozarks early Friday morning. Winds will be calm, but any little breeze will make the real feel in the negatives.

Overall, the winds will be light today. There will be plenty of sunshine but it will trick you into thinking it’s warm outside. It is not. Don’t fall for the lies. Highs today will top out near 30.

We have a very calm and dry forecast. This weekend, temperatures will gradually climb into the 40’s before hitting a high of 56 on Monday. Start making your outdoor plans now!

The next cold front will move through on Monday evening. There is a slight, I mean slight, chance for some moisture. Our models have it at about 15% right now. Temperatures will tumble starting Tuesday. We will be in the deep freeze for a few days before warming up a bit into next weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!